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Accident Analysis & Prevention

TitelAccident Analysis & Prevention
KategorieVerkehrspsychologie (umfassend) (dieser Link wechselt zur Katalogansicht und zeigt verwandte Treffer)
VeröffentlichtElsevier Ltd.
Beschreibung (Redaktion)Accident Analysis & Prevention provides wide coverage of the general areas relating to accidental injury and damage, including the pre-injury and immediate post-injury phases. Papers deal with medical, legal, economic, educational, behavioral, theoretical or empirical aspects of transportation accidents, as well as with accidents at other sites.
Beschreibung (Redaktion)Selected topics within the scope of the Journal may include: studies of human, environmental and vehicular factors influencing the occurrence, type and severity of accidents and injury; the design, implementation and evaluation of countermeasures; biomechanics of impact and human tolerance limits to injury; modelling and statistical analysis of accident data; policy, planning and decision-making in safety.
Ressourcentyp4010 (Fachzeitschriften und Zeitungen)
APA-Klassifikation4090 (Verkehr)
SchlagworteAccident Prevention; Transportation Accidents; Scientific Communication